Lifestyle and Health Benefits

As the requirement for a greener and healthier lifestyle grows, humans are enjoying nature and the outdoors more and more. There are many benefits to having an aesthetically pleasing and green landscape:

  • Nature has a calming effect.
  • Trees provide shade and protect us from UV rays.
  • Plants have a healing ability on humans and animals - from herbal remedies to medical drugs to energetic healing.
  • Plants absorb our negative energy and in exchange provide positive energy. Caring for and talking to plants increases this positive energetic exchange.

Environmental Benefits

  • Nature is host and source to the cycle of life of all living things from insects, animals, birds to humans.
  • Trees and plants provide oxygen.
  • Trees and plants use our expelled carbon dioxide and can decrease out our carbon footprint. American Forests' research shows that, on average, a tree removes 0.9175 tons of CO2 during the first 40 years after planting.
  • Trees and plants help combat the decay of the ozone layer.
  • The uninhibited process of biodegrading of natural materials adds important nutrients back into the earth.
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