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Interns :

We are always looking to provide learning opportunities to aspiring horticulturists and landscape designers. Interns can work with Living Matter at their budding Nursery in Worcester, preparing the ground, setting up awnings, planting seeds, and tending them under our supervision for 1 to 6 months. Should you be in the area and can travel to the farm (22km outside of Worcester) under your own steam, then please feel free to contact us for consideration.

Send a detailed CV to info@livingmatter.co.za. Screening of candidates will be done and interns will be required to present a portfolio of work at their interview.

Sales :

We looking to expand further and require a sales person to assist in this process.

This sales person should preferably have the following :

  • Dynamic enthusiastic personality
  • Proactive and self managed
  • Matric
  • Must be fluent and articulate in English (both writing and speaking)
  • At least 2 years experience of successfully selling the services of a design company (design work of any kind)
  • Between the ages of 28 and 36
  • Must have own transport

The first 3 months of employment will be probationary and the probated employee will be refunded on all claimable expenses during this time. Should the person be successful in bringing in work that meets specific targets during this period, then formal appointment is guaranteed thereafter.

Commission on all work brought in during probation and formal employment periods is based on a sliding scale of between 10% and 25 % of the value of the work invoiced.

Send a detailed CV to info@livingmatter.co.za. Screening of candidates will be done and reference checks will be conducted.

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